Magnetic Reading Foundations
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Magnetic Reading Foundations

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Summary of Alignment & Usability: Magnetic Reading Foundations | ELA


The Magnetic Foundations materials meet the expectations for alignment to standards and research-based practices for foundational skills instruction. The program has a well-defined scope and sequence that delineates daily opportunities for students to practice phonological awareness skills through explicit teacher modeling, and students engage in oral practice activities that are reinforced through a variety of multimodal activities. Materials provide teachers with explicit instructional routines, systematic and repeated modeling, and instruction for students to hear, say, encode, and read the newly taught grade-level phonics pattern and provide students with opportunities to decode phonetically spelled words. Materials include a well-defined teacher resource for content presentation, which includes a detailed scope and sequence, a weekly planner, and detailed information and instructional routines that help the teacher to effectively implement all foundational skills content through session-specific teacher-scripted lessons. Materials provide a clear research-based explanation for the instructional sequence of phonics skills that are taught and regularly and systematically provide a variety of assessment opportunities over the course of the year to demonstrate students’ progress toward mastery and independence of print concepts, letter recognition, and letter formation.