One of EdReports.org's defining principles is to be adaptive to the needs of the field. As such, we will continue to make refinements as we evaluate the alignment and usability of instructional materials to the Common Core State Standards. We value the diversity of expertise in the space, including that of NCTM/NCSM leadership, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with educators to ensure we refine our process and tools to best support the field.

For example, since our release in March, we have consistently heard that educators who have read our reviews want even more information, like more evidence on how we scored against specific indicators, and information from publishers on how they developed these series. We are happy to provide that. EdReports.org's goal is for districts and educators to use our reviews to complement their own professional judgment and educator experience, so the more analysis we can provide, the better. We know that more information can only lead to better instructional materials in all classrooms.

That said, our ratings system sends a clear signal to the field about the primacy and importance of focus and coherence in instructional materials. That's what our design team and educators from across the country told us to focus on first and foremost. We also heard this loud and clear from our review team, most of whom are NCTM/NCSM members.

Eric Hirsch 
Executive Director