Bringing together a collaborative team of educators in an adoption committee is an essential component of your adoption process. An adoption committee that represents the voices of diverse stakeholders will build support for and investment in your work and ensure the perspectives of those affected by an adoption decision inform your process. Throughout the process, the committee will learn about the various products considered as well as share and consider the specific needs of the local community, including teachers and students, which can position them as advocates for the process and the final decision made.

What is this resource?

This resource provides recommendations about the composition of the adoption committee.

How should this resource be used?

As part of the launch of an adoption process, we recommend districts look carefully at local policies and guidelines governing adoption committees and their make-up. If your district has guidelines or policies, use these recommendations in conjunction with that local guidance to develop your committee. If you do not have local guidance, this resource provides recommendations as you bring together this important committee.