What is this resource?

This activity and graphic organizer can be used within a broader materials selection process. It provides district teams a structured method for articulating the role technology currently plays in instructional materials implementation and the role it needs to play.

Ensuring high quality content when evaluating instructional materials is always the first priority for a strong curriculum adoption. This resource situates technology needs within the broader considerations school systems make when adopting new instructional materials. It can be tempting to consider a product based on all of the things it can do online, but if those attributes don’t reflect the specific needs of your students or exceed the technological capabilities of your school district, then what’s the point? Read more about prioritizing content here.

How should this resource be used?

This activity is designed to be used by a district team or adoption committee, including the district or school technology lead and/or someone with a deep understanding of the system’s technology capabilities. We recommend convening a 90 minute working session, virtually or in-person as safety allows, and ensuring access to multiple data sources to capitalize on the time together. Participants should leave this working session with an expanded set of local priorities including the desired technological capabilities and digital components that reflect their needs.

Prior to determining the technology capabilities required in new materials, we recommend zooming out to identify local priorities for new materials in general, starting with content. Check out the resources in Step 1: Develop Your District Lens within EdReports’ 6 Key Adoption Steps for inspiration.